Foldable Dumpsters That Stack

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This is no ordinary dumpster. These dumpsters are the best in the business, and we can deliver them packed flat for cheaper freight rates. Deploy quickly to your job sites and keep them as long as you need. The leak-proof optional upgrade ensures safety and easy disposal of liquid industrial waste.

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Special Dumpster Features

  • Fold Flat Design

    This dumpster collapses into a flat pack design that can stack up to 12 in a shipping container or 14 on a flat bed truck.

  • Leak Proof Design Upgrade

    Specially engineered to fold flat while also stopping leaks when assembled. Dump liquids without worry of creating messes that cause OSHA violations.

  • Easy Assembly

    Save time and labor deploying these dumpsters. Assembles quickly provide convenient disposal wherever you need it.

  • 1 Year Limited Warranty

    Your business can't afford to slow down. Rely on the superior durability and the warranty we provide.

Ways To Use Your Collapsible Dumpster

Construction waste is guaranteed. Our dumpsters will hold up to the toughest job sites and pack flat when you need to transfer them between sites. 

Dispose of machine parts and waste without fear of leaking oils or other liquids. Protect yourself from EPA violations, or OSHA risks. 

Whether it’s your office, a store, or your home, be prepared to toss what’s not going to serve your new digs. Our foldable dumpsters will hold all you need until you no longer need it. 

Moving always involves some purging. Make sure you have a reliable place to leave behind the old to make room for the new. 

Landscaping can create a lot of waste. From clippings, leaves, and debris, to old fencing or garden structures. Our foldable dumpsters can handle it all. 

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