Insulated Portable Storage Model

Insulated Portable Storage

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We’re always innovating at Star Storage Solutions. We’ve heard your demands, and we are introducing our latest design. Check out a flexible option for on-site buildings or storage where temperature control is critical.

7 Things That Need Temperature Controlled Storage

Even without keeping precise temperature controls, many items will suffer from wide swings in storage temperature. Our innovative layered roof and walls help keep stable temperatures for anything inside. 

Electronics are vulnerable to high humidity and condensation resulting from temperature swings. 

Moisture can corrode metal parts and soldered connections. Variances in temperature can also make parts brittle. 

Media made from plastic or vinyl can be affected by temperature. Heat may warp or degrade materials. Cold can make things brittle. Any damage could affect the integrity of DVDs, CDs, Vinyl records, or Blu-rays. 

Moisture is dangerous for paper goods. Once paper has absorbed water from humidity or leaks from rain drips or condensation it will never be the same. Documents, photographs, art prints, and books should all be protected in temperature stable and leak-proof storage. 

Delicate fabrics such as leather and silk do not hold up well under moist conditions. Wood can warp and weaken under poor storage conditions, so furniture with upholstery is doubly vulnerable. 

If fabric and clothing is left moist then it becomes a prime environment for the growth of destructive mold and mildew. 

There are many materials in cosmetic items and medical materials that can degrade or even spoil in heat or temperature swings. Some materials may even need to precise temperature controls to stay safe for use. 

Interior spaces can be highly affected by temperature. Without insulation a storage container can reach unsafe temperatures much higher than the outside environment. If possible, store containers outside of direct sunlight. That should also reduce energy usage for any temperature control equipment. 

Food and wine must be kept at safe temperatures. It is illegal to sell or serve food that has not been kept at the proper temperature. High heat and variations in temperature can promote spoilage. Ensure that you are compliant with regulations with our insulated storage containers along with proper cooling equipment. 

Storage with Insulated Roof

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The roof is the first point of entry for leaks, and the surface from which condensation drips. We start with our standard galvanized roof which will resist rust and corrosion for decades. Then we give the ceiling a 40mm thick thermocool foam lining which will cut heat from entering the unit from above.

Storage with Insulated Walls

Our walls are built with a sandwich of 40mm thick thermocool foam insulation between coated steel sheets. The exterior sheet can be built with a high end Aluminum Composite Panel instead as an upgrade. This lightweight panel further resist dents and punctures while greatly increasing rust and corrosion resistance. 

The overall structure is incredibly strong while also maintaining consistent temperatures inside the portable storage container. 

Custom Cutout for Equipment

The thermal insulation included in the roof and walls will perform well on their own. However, you will get the best performance when including a temperature control unit such as an air-conditioner. To this end, we include a free cutout, customized to your equipment specifications.

Insulated Storage Container Thermal Performance

The combination of thermocool foam lining and our superior construction is highly effective at combating temperature changes. You can expect a R6 equivalent grade in thermal performance with our materials. 

We can customize the length of your container to best suit your needs. Contact our team below for more details. We ship all over the United States. The fold flat design of all of our storage containers ensures cheaper freight costs as we can pack more containers into the same shipment. 


wall diagram of the thermal performance of insulated portable storage unit

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