Portable Office Building Model

portable office building

An office that moves where you need it. If you work in temporary job sites, you need a base of operations that’s as flexible as your business. 

This portable office building has the same weather-proof durability of our portable storage units. 

Experience the advanced features of our latest model. We’ve done a ton of research to solve the biggest problems in portable building and office use. 


  • Weight Load

    10,000 lbs load limit. Stackable up to 3x fully loaded. Can bear a 6ft snow load.

  • Structure

    Hot dip galvanized steel roof and frame for superior rust and corrosion resistance.

  • Walls

    Walls are panels of powder-coated steel sandwiched around a 40mm thermocool foam core.

  • Warranty

    5 year limited warranty.

  • Sizes

    Standard sizes- 16ft or 20ft long.

  • Thermal Performance

    Insulation rating of R6 with thermocool foam or R22 with optional aluminum bubble insulation.

  • Doors & Windows

    EPDM weather sealed door for weather-proofing. 2 pane side window with tempered glass and steel window guard. Closable wall vents included.

portable office building illustration


Portable office buildings are perfect for a mobile crew. Easily pick up and move where your next job site is. Stay ahead of the competition by getting setup faster, and moving quickly on closed contracts.

Festivals or conventions are always temporary and need flexible, mobile facilities. Ensure you’re prepared for busy seasons with a reliable portable office equipped for any weather. 

Shooting on location may keep you on-site for a week, a month, a year. Make sure your crew knows where to find you with a reliable portable office. 

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