Essential Portable Storage Model

The most accessible portable storage container available in our lineup. Features an efficient steel leak proof roof. It is stackable fully loaded up to 2 high. The frame is a hot dipped galvanized steel that completely resists rust and corrosion for years longer than competing units. 

 The walls are powder coated steel and provide excellent weather resistance with a watertight design that doesn’t rely on high failure rate sealants other containers use.

 This essential portable storage unit has our premium marine grade flooring and quarter length forklift tubes which work with all standard forklifts. We sell this Essential Model storage container with a 5 year warranty and a max load of 10,000 lbs.
Our storage units come white-labeled and we can customize with your company’s logo.


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  • Structure

    Hot dip galvanized steel roof and frame for superior rust and corrosion resistance. Walls are panels of powder-coated steel sandwiched around a hard foam core.

  • Walls

    Lightweight .6mm powder coated steel sheets.

  • Weight Load

    10,000 lbs load limit. Stackable up to 2x fully loaded.

  • Sizes

    Standard sizes- 7.2" wide by 7.8" tall. 8ft, 16ft and 20ft long. Custom lengths of 10ft, 12ft available.

  • Warranty

    3 year limited warranty.

Essential Storage Container Anatomy

Side Walls

Coated steel panels which are highly resistant to rust and damage with virtually no paint or coating peel off for over 6+ years.

Door Closures

2 door closure options available:

1. Roll up shutter (Aluminum or Steel)

2. Swing Doors (Aluminum skins with a steel frame and composite center)

All door closures are lockable allowing for considerable protection against theft.


Welded steel roof with high quality rust preventive powder coating and multiple steel roof bows. The roof drops down and can be attached by bolts to the side and back walls from inside the unit using a unique design. 

This design ensures complete water  tight sealing for years to come and does not require extensive use of sealants that can come loose over years leading to leakage.

This model is capable of stacking up to 2 containers high with optional corner brackets.

Receiver Tubes

Standard full-size tubes that enhance the structural rigidity to the floor frame.

Forklift Tubes

Heavy duty full width C-channels to guide forklift forks and enable easy lifting of the movable containers both in loaded and unloaded position.


1/2" Marine grade hi-strength wood riveted to cross floor support tubes. 

Heavy duty angles and tubes in the side, front and back rails provide rigidity and strength during lifting in a fully loaded condition.

Floor Frame

Hot dipped galvanized steel floor frame. The galvanization provides long-lasting protection against corrosion (over 10+ years) under all weather conditions.

Interior Frame

Powder coated lattice type steel frame for side and back walls. 

The steel frame provides strength and rigidity to the container.


These essential storage units deploy quickly, and provide easy on-site storage for families needing to stage their furniture, boxes, and gear for moving. They will fit on most driveways, and on the street while looking clean enough to not upset most HOAs. 

Any good renovator, whether commercial or private, knows it’s best to clear the space before you work. Safely store fixtures, equipment, and furniture close at hand while you get to the job of renovation. 

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