Professional Portable Storage Model

This is the best storage unit our engineers have obsessively developed. This features reinforced roof corners and a hot dipped galvanized steel frame that does not peel like powder coated exteriors will over years. 

The walls are end to end composite steel panels that are leak, rust, and corrosion proof. They also resist dents and punctures. The nature of the coating on these panels also fights yellowing or fading, maintaining their gleaming white looks for years to come. The steel panels are strong enough to not need an interior frame creating more room for storage while reducing weight. 

This movable storage unit is impeccably weather proof. The underflooring is our premium ½” marine grade flooring and full length forklift tubes provide additional stability. This box is stackable up to 3 containers high while fully loaded at up to 10,000 lbs! This Professional Model carries a 7 limited year warranty on defects.

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  • Structure

    Hot dip galvanized steel roof and frame for superior rust and corrosion resistance.

  • Walls- Steel Composite Panel

    Walls are of a steel composite sandwich layer of galvanized treated steel panels around a hard foam polyethylene core.

  • Sizes

    Standard sizes- 7.2" x 7.8" Opening. Lengths in 8ft, 16ft and 20ft. Custom lengths of 10ft, 12ft available.

  • Weight Load

    10,000 lbs load limit. Stackable up to 3x fully loaded.

  • Warranty

    7 year limited warranty.

Professional Storage Container Anatomy

mobile storage container

Corner Bracket

Provides added strength when stacking containers allowing for space between each unit as a part of the frame design.

This model is capable of stacking up to 3 containers high.

Star Storage Roll Up Door

  • Provides for 72.5" height opening
  • Made from rust proof steel

Aluminum composite with steel frame swing doors also available.

Receiver Tubes

  • Standard full-size tubes
  • that enhance the structural
  • rigidity to the floor frame.

Forklift Tubes

  • Heavy duty full width "tubes" to guide
  • forklift forks and enable easy lifting of
  • the movable containers both in loaded
  • and unloaded position.

HD D-Rings:

  • Heavy duty D-Rings serve multiple functions
  • to assist in assembly and are available for
  • interior use to secure cargo.


Galvanized welded steel roof with steel side and front rails, and multiple steel roof bows. The unique roof design with bent side and back rail provides tremendous strength to the container roof along with perfect weather sealing. 

Roof design ensures complete watertight sealing for many years and does not require extensive use of sealants that can come loose over years leading to leakage.

  • 4 mm thick composite panels made of
  • galvanized and coated steel sheets with a
  • high-density polyethylene (HDPE) sandwich.
  • Highly resistant to puncture and long-lasting
  • corrosion resistance and virtually no paint
  • or coating peel off for many years.


  • 1/2" Marine grade hi-strength wood
  • riveted to cross floor support tubes. 
  • Heavy duty bent side, front and back rails 
  • provide rigidity and strength during lifting
  • in a fully loaded condition.

Floor Frame

  • Hot dipped galvanized steel floor frame.
  • The galvanization provides long-lasting
  • protection against corrosion (over 10+ years)
  • under all weather conditions.

Professional Model Features:

The container features a hot-dipped galvanized exterior steel frame meticulously engineered to impart robustness and structural integrity. This design ensures a firm and durable foundation and contributes to the container’s rigidity.

The galvanized coating further enhances the container’s durability by delivering extensive safeguarding against rust and corrosion, even in the face of diverse weather conditions for a period spanning over a decade.

The inherent strength of the frame design permits the secure stacking of containers, enabling efficient utilization of space while maintaining the container’s stability and integrity.

  • Crafted from galvanized welded steel, the roof is fortified with side, front, and back rails, bolstering its structural integrity. Enhanced with multiple steel roof bows, this design facilitates efficient water drainage and ensures optimal durability. The roof’s distinct feature lies in its bent side and back rails, which grant exceptional strength to the container’s roof and guarantee impeccable weather sealing. The ingeniously devised roof is designed to seamlessly descend and effortlessly attach to the side and back walls through secure bolts, enabling quick assembly.
  • Innovative raised reinforced corner brackets further enhance the container’s utility. These optional brackets empower the safe stacking of containers without jeopardizing the roof’s integrity while simplifying the loading and unloading process during stacking maneuvers. This revolutionary roof design redefines durability, convenience, and efficiency in container construction.
  • Experience the exceptional strength and durability of our steel composite panels, measuring 4mm in thickness. These panels are skillfully crafted from galvanized and PVDF-coated high-strength steel sheets, ingeniously combined with a High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) core. This intelligent sandwich construction ensures unparalleled resistance to punctures and dents while maintaining the integrity of the paint and coating over many years. Even better, the panels are rust and corrosion-proof and fade-resistant.
  • Incorporating robust functionality, the container features heavy-duty “tubes” designed to seamlessly guide forklift forks, facilitating effortless lifting regardless of the load. The container is further equipped with heavy-duty front receiver tubes, accommodating diverse loading and unloading systems, including the insertion of roll-off wheels to streamline delivery and pickup processes with utmost ease.
  • Utilizing marine-grade ½” high-strength wood securely riveted to cross-floor support tubes, the container ensures exceptional durability. Complemented by heavy-duty bent side, front, and back rails, this design guarantees remarkable rigidity and strength when lifting even under full load.
  • Choose from two versatile door closure options: a steel roll-up shutter or aluminum composite swing doors within a steel frame. Both configurations offer lockable security, effectively safeguarding against theft. The swing door variant features upgraded hinges, enabling an expansive 270-degree opening for enhanced accessibility.
  • Up to 3 containers – allowing clearance from the box underneath.
  • Up to 10,000 lbs. per container
  • 10 years limited

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