Portable Storage Accessories and Upgrades

Our portable storage containers  come well equipped to serve your needs. For those who demand more from their storage, we offer these accessories and upgrades to boost their capabilities.

Most of these will require custom ordering. Please reach out to our team for your full options. 

270° Degree Swing Hinges

These 270° hinges are exclusively engineered for our storage containers. They allow our doors to swing all the way around to the sides. Locking pins keep doors from swinging closed. These hinges are stress tested to withstand hurricane force winds.

Standard hinges open to 180° wide.

Swing or Roll Shutter Doors

You can customize your order with either swing or roll doors. Both offer different benefits, and both can be customized in your brand colors.

Roll doors are convenient and take up no exterior space. Swing doors offer the best leak proof storage environment.

Reinforced Corner Brackets

Our portable storage containers can come equipped with reinforced corners.The standard kit comes with flat plate corners.

These are incredibly strong and will support stacked containers on them for years to come. They will also create a greater air gap between containers.

Positioning Wheel Add-ons

Our wheel accessories easily insert into the mule pockets for effortless positioning. These wheels feature full pivot for angled maneuvering.

Full Length Forklift Tubes

Full width forklift tubes provides extra stability under the floor. This helps with box compression under stacking or with certain delivery systems. Only the Deluxe and Deluxe Plus models can be upgraded from quarter length to full length tubes. 

Consult With Our Team

We're happy to share how our advanced storage solutions can help your business.

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