Relocatable Self Storage Unit

relocatable storage unit

Self storage that fits exactly where you need it. Need quick temporary storage? You can deploy this relocatable self storage unit to any space a storage container fits. Available in multiple sizes and based on our incredible portable storage engineering. 

Relocatable Self Storage Features

  • Fits Anywhere

    With our fold flat design and built in forklift and mule pockets, this can be deployed easily where you need it.

  • Leak Proof Roof

    Fully galvanized steel roof prevents leaks that could damage your customer's property. Optional roof insulation upgrade can further prevent moisture form degrading contents.

  • Available in Multiple Sizes

    Available in 8ft, 16ft, and 20ft lengths to suit your storage inventory needs.

  • Easy Zoning

    Zoning requirements typically restrict permanent structures. Temporary relocatable storage units like this can be deployed in more places for long term or short term needs.

  • Use Any Lock

    Doors come with standard mounts to use any type removable lock.

relocatable self storage units on a lot.

Places To Use Relocatable Self Storage

These portable storage units can fit easily onto empty lots for quick self-storage businesses. Skip the expensive investment in construction and start cashflow quickly.

Additional storage can be a huge upsell potential for apartments. These can easily fit in parking lots, or alongside buildings for expanded storage in small apartments. Rest easy knowing these look as good as our portable storage, maintaining high value looks.

For longer jobs you may need to keep equipment on-site. Make sure it’s secured against theft and the elements with a relocatable self storage unit. 

USA Based Sales and Support

Ask our team how we can support your business. The ROI on these relocatable self storage units is extremely high. Let us walk you through the potential upsides to your cashflow.

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